RUNNING | Top 10 Quotes over waarom hardlopen zo leuk is

Waarom hardlopen zo leuk is? Nou daarom:

– To prove to yourself that you ARE strong
– Beacause a drawer of sports bras is jus as sexy
as a drawer of lacy push-up bras
– If you run, you are a runner!
– Whether it’s ten miles or one, you will NEVER regret
lacing up those running shoes and going outside
– To be a goal digger
– Your body is a reflection of your  lifestyle
– For the smile you’ll have once you reached your goal
– Because your body will seriously thank you in the long run
– For the  ‘HELL YEAH’ feeling after finishing a tough workout

 Ik heb de quotes niet vertaald, want dan verliezen ze totaal hun kracht. Maar damn! Go running! Als je eenmaal begonnen bent, zal je je herkennen in al het bovenstaande ennuh… klinkt dat niet onwijs goed??!! :)

Wat is jouw top Quote?
Liefs, Kirsten


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    18 januari 2014 at 23:24

    Ik ga morgen lekker rennen! :D

  • Reply
    Julie Hapjesprincess
    20 januari 2014 at 09:31

    Leuke post!!! Motiveert nog meer :-)

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